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本文摘要:今天柘利老师和大家分享2020中考英语所有重点短语,初三的同学收藏起来好勤学吧!A. look 短语1. look at 看......2. look for 寻找3. look up 查阅,向上看4. look out 向外看,小心5. look over 仔细检查6. look after 照顾,照料7. look like 看起来像8. look through 浏览9. look into 向—里看10. look around 环视四周11. look forwa


今天柘利老师和大家分享2020中考英语所有重点短语,初三的同学收藏起来好勤学吧!A. look 短语1. look at 看......2. look for 寻找3. look up 查阅,向上看4. look out 向外看,小心5. look over 仔细检查6. look after 照顾,照料7. look like 看起来像8. look through 浏览9. look into 向—里看10. look around 环视四周11. look forward to 期盼,期待12. look ahead 向前看B. put 短语1. put up 举起,挂起,搭建2. put on 穿上,戴上,上演3. put away 把—放好4. put off 推迟,推延5. put down 把—放下,记下6. put out 扑灭,伸出7. put into 把...放进...,把...译成...8. put one's heart into 全神贯注于...C. get 短语1. get up 起床2. get off 下车3. get on 上车,相处,希望4. get over 克服,恢复,原谅5. get back 回来,返回6. get through 接通电话7. get along 希望,相处8. get into 陷入...9. get out 出去,脱离10. get together 相聚11. get ready for 为...做准备12. get married 完婚13. get in the way 碍事,挡道14. get to 到达D. give 短语1. give up 放弃2. give out 分发3. give away 赠送,分发4. give back 送还E. think 短语1.think of 想起,认为2.think up想出,提出3.think about思量4.think over仔细思量F. take 短语1. take up 占据(时间,空间)2. take after 与(怙恃等)相像3. take place 发生4. take care 小心,当心5. take off 脱下,起飞6. take out 拿出,取出7. take away 拿走,带走8. take down 取下9. take it easy 从容,不紧张10. take care of 照顾,照料11. take a rest 休息一下12. take a shower 洗澡13. take part in 到场14. take pride in 对...感应自豪15. take a photo 照相16. take turns 轮流,依次17. take an interest in 对...感兴趣18. take a vacation 去度假19. take medicine 服药20. take an action 接纳行动21. take a taxi 打的22. take one's advice 接受某人的建议G. keep 短语1. keep on 继续2. keep out 不让...进入,盖住3. keep off 使—不踏入4. keep away from 远离...5. keep...down 控制,抑制6. keep healthy/fit 保持康健7. keep from 隐瞒8. keep doing sth 一直做某事9. keep sb doing sth 使某人一直做某事10. keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事11. keep up 坚持,保持12. keep in touch with sb 与某人保持联系H. turn 短语1. turn on 打开2. turn off 关闭3. turn up 调大,放大4. turn down 调小,关小5. turn over 翻转过来6. turn left/right 向左转/向右转I. make 短语1. make up 编造,杜撰,组成,组成2. make a noise 喧华3. make a decision 做决议4. make room for 为----腾地方5. make a face 做鬼脸6. make mistakes 犯错误7. make the bed 铺床8. make friends 交朋侪9. make a living 营生,过活10. make money 赚钱11. make progress 取得进步12. make it 约定,乐成,实时赶到13. make sure 务必,确保14. make a plan 制定计划15. make a telephone call 打电话16. make up one’s mind 下刻意17. make sb feel at home 使某人感应宾至如归18. make a contribution to 为...做孝敬J. come 短语1. come over 顺便来访2. come true 实现,到达3. come out 出来,开放,出书4. come on 加油,来吧5. come back 回来6. come up with 想出,提出7. come in 进来8. come along 泛起,发生,来到9. come from 来自,产自10. come across 遇见,(偶然)发现K. on 短语1. on duty 值日,值班2. on time 准时,定时3. on foot 步行4. on vacation 度假5. on sale 销售,出售6. on TV 在电视里7. on display 展出,陈列8. on board 在船上9. on the Internet 在网上10. on the radio 在收音机里11. on one’s way 在—的路上12. on weekends 在周末13. on the other hand 另一方面14. on the left/right 在左边/右边15. on the phone 用电话攀谈,在通话16. on the wall 在墙上17. depend on 依靠,依赖,取决于18. get on 上车,相处,希望19. work on 从事,忙于,演算20. put on 穿上,戴上21. turn on 打开22. try on 试穿,试戴23. pass on 通报24. hold on 稍等片刻25. go on 继续26. decide on 决议27. concentrate on 专心,专注28. live on 以...为生29. spend...on 在...花费30. come on 加油,来吧L. in 短语1. in all 总共,共计2. in class 在班上3. in English 用英语4. in short 总之,简言之5. in a hurry 慌忙6. in the end 最后,终于7. in the future 在未来8. in time 实时9. in fact 事实上,实际上10. in bed 在床上11. in hospital 住院12. in the way 碍事的,挡道的13. in this way 这样14. in red 穿着红衣服15. in danger 处于危险中16. in trouble 处于逆境中17. in a minute 连忙,马上18. in surprise 惊讶地,惊讶地19. in public 当众,公然20. in general 大要上,一般而言,通常21. in common 共有的,公有的22. in style 时尚的23. in good health 身体康健24. in front of在...前面25. in the sun 在阳光下26. in the past few years 在已往几年时间里27. in order to 为了28. in the past 在已往29. do well in 在...方面干得好30. major in 专修,主修31. be interested in 对...感兴趣32. take part in 到场33. be weak in 在...差34. take pride in 以...而自豪35.hand in 上交,交纳36. arrive in 到达(大所在)M. at 短语1. at once 连忙,马上2. at least 至少3. at most 最多4. at last 最后5. at home 在家6. at noon 在中午7. at night 在夜晚8. at times 有时,偶然9. at school 在上学10. at table 在用饭11. at present 现在,现在12. at work 在事情13. at all 全然,基础14. at the age of 在...岁时15. at the end of 在...末端16. at the


moment 现在,现在17. at the same time 同时18. at first 首先19. aim at 旨在,目的是20. knock at 敲击21. look at 看着22. shout at 叫唤,叫嚷23. point at 指着24. arrive at 到达25. be good at 对...干得好26. be angry at 对...生气27. be surprised at对...感应惊讶28. laugh at 讽刺29. arrive at (小所在)N. up 短语1. give up 放弃2. take up 占据,占去,从事3. put up 举起,挂起,张贴,搭建4. set up 建设,建立5. open up 打开,开阔6. dress up 乔装妆扮7. stay up 熬夜,不睡觉8. wake up 醒来,叫醒,叫醒9. look up 向上看,查阅10. cheer up 使...振作11. end up 以...竣事,效果为...12. go up 升起,上升13. hurry up 赶忙14. use up 用光,用完15. show up 出席,露面16. stand up 起立,站起来17. make up 编造,组成,化妆18. think up 想出,提出19. cut up 切碎20. pick up 捡起,乘搭便车21. mix up 混淆22. call up 打电话23. grow up 发展,长大24. ring up 打电话25. clean up 把...扫除洁净26. fix up 修理,修补27. get up 起床28. keep up 保持,坚持29. fill up 装满30. send up 发射O. out 短语1. give out 给出,分发2. hand out 分发3. hang out 闲逛4. break out 发作5. sell out 卖完,售完6. look out 向外看,小心7. go out 出去,熄灭8. put out 伸出去,熄灭,扑灭9. keep out 不使...进入10. find out 查明,弄清11. run out 用完,用尽12. take out 拿出,取出,带出13. clean out 把...扫除洁净,清除14. come out 出来,开放,出书15. work out 发生效果,算出16. point out 指出17. help sb out 资助某人解决难题18. get out 出去,脱离P. off 短语1. get off 下车2. put off 推迟,拖延3. take off 脱下,起飞4. go off 发出响声,脱离5. turn off 关闭6. cut off 切断7. set off 激起,引起,出发8. break off 突然中止,中断9. keep off 远离,使—不踏入10. run off 迅速脱离,跑掉11. be off 脱离,走开12. fall off 落下,从...掉下13. show off 炫耀,卖弄Q. for短语1. wait for 等候2. look for 寻找3. pay for 为...付款4. care for 体贴,照料5. stand for 代表6. leave for 动身去某地7. ask for 请求,要求8. prepare for 为...做准备9. provide...for 为...提供10. thanks for 为...而谢谢...11. get ready for 为...做准备12. be famous for 因...而闻名13. be good for 对...有益14. be bad for 对...有害15. be late for 迟到16. be used for 用来做...R. with 短语1. agree with 同意2. play with 与...玩,玩弄3. share with 与...分享...4. come up with 想出,提出5. end up with 以...而竣事6. fight with 与...打架7. catch/catch up with 遇上8. be filled with ...里装满...9. deal/do with 敷衍,处置惩罚10. provide...with 为...提供11. begin start with 以...开始12. get along/on well with 与...相处得融洽13. argue with 与...争吵14. with one’s help 在某人的资助下15. with the light on 开着灯16. quarrel with 与...打骂17. be busy with 忙于...18. be angry with sb 生某人的气19. be strict with sb 对某人严格要求20. be popular with 深受...的喜欢21. fall in live with 爱上...22. help sb with sth 资助某人做某事23.compare...with 与...相比S. about 短语1. talk about 谈论,讨论2. worry about 担忧3. care about 体贴,担忧4. learn about 相识关于...5. think about 思量6. be excited about 对...感应兴奋7. be nervous about 对...紧张8. be serious about 对...是认真的9. complain about 埋怨,诉苦T. of 短语1. be afraid of 畏惧...2. be tired of 厌倦...3. be sure of 确信...4. be made of 由...做成5. be terrified of 畏惧...6. be fond of 喜欢...7. be careful of 小心...,当心...8. be full of ...里装满...9. be proud of 以...而自豪10. be confident of 对...有信心11. take care of 照顾,照料12. think of 思量,认为,想起13. hear of 听说14. remind of 使某人想起...15. dream of 梦想16. run out of 用完,用光17. look out of 向...外看18. because of 因为, 由于19. instead of 取代,而不是20. plenty of 大量的,富足的21. kind of 稍微,有点22. all kinds of 种种各样的23. the number of ...的数量24. a number of 许多25. hundreds of 数百...26. thousands of 成千上万的27. in front of 在...的前面28. at the end of 在...的止境,在...末尾29. a pair of 一双/副/条...30. a piece of 一片/块/条/则...31. a a set of 一副/串32. a lot of 许多,很多多少U. be+adj/已往分词+介词1. be interested in 对...感兴趣2. be surprised at 对...感应惊讶3. be famous for 因...而闻名4. be good at 擅长于...5. be angry with/at 生...的气6. be worried about 担忧...7. be strict with/in 对...要求严格8. be proud of 以...而自豪9. be ready for 为...做准备10. be busy with 忙于...11. be popular with 深受...的喜爱12. be nervous about 对...感应紧张13. be excited about 对...感应兴奋14. be similar to 与...相似15. be different from 与...差别16. be filled with ...里装满...17. be used to 习惯于...18. be afraid of 畏惧...19. be good for 对...有益20. be bad for 对...有害21. be friendly to 对...友好22. be relaxed about 对...感应放松23. be covered with 被...所笼罩24. be crazy about 热衷于...25. be fond of 喜欢...26. be terrified of 畏惧...27. be full of ...里充满...28. be made of ...由...做成接待大家点赞,转发


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